The text of a speech delivered by the president of the Socialist International conference in Athens

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The text of a speech delivered by the president of the Socialist International conference in Athens

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The text of a speech delivered by the president of the Socialist International conference in Athens

July 1, 2008

The president, Jalal Talabani, on Tuesday 1-7-2008, a speech at the Third Conference of the century, the Socialist International, held in Greece, which reads:

"In the name of God the Merciful

Dear comrade George Papandreou

Dear comrade Luis Ayala

Dear colleagues, Dear

I greet you warmly, an integral part of your long-standing success in achieving the noble tasks, I have the honour to speak on the need to take action for a world living in peace, conflict resolution and the elimination of instability.

This task embodies the noble humanitarian goal that we have always struggled human why, long ago, especially after the Second World War, and was followed by regional wars mandated humanitarian lives of millions of people and came to a big fortune of the peoples and countries and sent to the features and stations civilized wonderful author rights in Created.

In our times, where she developed and evolved features of globalization, this has become a noble goal, a sacred task of pressing does not accept Altajpl.

We have demonstrated the features of globalization and its manifestations in the rapidly evolving information and communications technology and multinational corporations, and the concentration and integration of similar industries, and the rule of capital market in the world, and respond to the demands of the modern era in the fields devote security and stability and promote the principles of freedoms and democratic values and human rights, all this requires urgent need to achieve This sacred mission for the good of mankind.

It is easy to accomplish this task, a strong balance of terror in the world that indicates a stock of nuclear weapons and missiles, so that makes it impossible for sensible wage a global war between major powers.

Europe, which was a hearth and fields of the world wars was moving rapidly towards completing an accelerated pace and intensity, expanding common market and common currency, and everything would overcome the remnants of the negative historical legacy marked by armed conflicts and historical animosities.

Asia is the other tends towards the adoption of political reconciliation and cooperation between its political and its system.

People's Republic of China involving human capacities and energies of huge economic growth rates and exciting, are becoming more inclined towards resolving their disputes with the rebel areas, such as Taiwan, which was still part of the Chinese nation through political and diplomatic methods, demonstrating the flexibility of the extent of social acceptance of two systems under one state And securing the maximum freedoms and powers of these regions.

In the Middle East have been uprooted dangerous hotbed of war, the elimination of dictatorship Saddamism, which launched a war of genocide against the Iraqi people and wars of aggression against the neighbouring Islamic Republic of Iran, Kuwait sister, costing the lives of hundreds of thousands of dead and the same number of wounded and disabled, and hundreds of thousands of widows and orphans And shattered the wealth of our East hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars, leaving behind devastation and destruction in Iraq, we need many years and enormous efforts, and millions of dollars for rebuilding and reconstruction and renewal.

The Arab-Israeli conflict tends to inaugurate a new phase characterized by adopting the Arab peace project, which unanimously by Arab states, which approved the establishment of a peaceful living, Palestinian and Israeli, and the normalization of Arab relations - Israeli adoption of the application of UN resolutions and the rule of international legitimacy, guarantee Israel live in peace and security with Neighbors ready to establish trade relations and economic, political, for the benefit of both parties.

The Syrian negotiations - Israeli pastoralism Turkey Justice and Development Party, in this context to promote this kind of affirmative sends a new breath of optimism and hope.

And Africa is experiencing serious attempts to lay the solid foundations of reconciliation and cooperation, and like Latin America.

These positive plaque, which reflected the achievements, does not mean that peace might be achieved, and that the conflict had ended.

States which occupied the colonial Asian and African countries, from the eras of time, left behind many problems and border disputes, by not respecting the right of peoples to self-determination, and install an international border, it was said, was that the representative of Britain paints, for example, the limits of Gulf Arab countries stick On the sand.

I do not want, and I reviewed the painting of the complex conflict in various continents and countries, including six involved in disputes remaining in the corners of the world, might threaten the wars devastating consequences not only on the immediate parties, but can be extended to many countries not directly or by proxy Such as the Arab-Israeli conflict and the conflict in Cyprus and Kashmir.

What makes matters worse, the wave range of blind terrorism, launched from the Middle East and Africa, threatens to spread throughout the world, which threatens peace and stability in many countries, including Iraq, which our nation has achieved remarkable victories on terrorism next invader from abroad and the local militias, but despite That is still struggling to escape from the evils of this global scourge devastating.

Dear colleagues, Dear

The current situation of the world, reflecting the achievements and its contradictions and conflicts, requires exceptional effort from the deadly to work hard for world peace concerted efforts to eliminate the disputes and pending problems.

Let me be frank with you, to tell you, it is not acceptable nor in the interest of our noble, to pass UN Socialist (and too) on pressing issues and tasks facing our times, as the Arab proverb says, but historically played a glorious and very important and long awaited an obligation .

Forgive me to ask frankly Comrades, from this rostrum common views and proposals on this role-Majid, who can play UN socialist parties:


A - the initiative to formulate and submit a comprehensive project based on the principles of self-determination and human rights, and adopt peaceful political solution of disputes and renunciation of terrorism while condemning the use of violence against civilians by individuals, organizations and governments, emphasizing the practice of all forms of political struggle, diplomatic and parliamentary and public and media and trade union as a means to achieve goals People's legitimate.

This approach is consistent with the requirements of our times, inconsistent with the adoption of armed action or policy of aggression.

B - to organize a campaign to mobilize world wide, various methods, to explain the dimensions of public project formulated, and its contents, methods and tools applied, and the underlying principles and international resolutions, and reflects the will of peoples to self-determination, and it indicates the risk of outbreak of regional conflicts on the security of peoples and progress.


Such a campaign requires the adoption of all means of mass communication, the media print and audio-visual, as well as seminars and gatherings and meetings.


The formation of a supreme committee of senior leaders of socialist nations, the wording of the project, programme and the mass media to promote him, and for organizing political and diplomatic and direct supervision, to the regional and international scales, and the call for holding meetings and Alkonfrranzat domestic and international necessary for the successful work for peace and security and resolve various conflicts and extinguishing Flashpoints in the world.

The diversity of tasks and put on the ramifications of the socialist nations that constitute committees associated with them:

1- of the Commission of the United Nations from government representatives led by the Socialist party or participates, is effective and sustained action inside the international organization (the Security Council, the United Nations General Assembly, the Human Rights Council) and other subcommittees for the contents of the draft statement of the deadly invited to take them and work to Light the way to internationalization in the framework of UN resolutions and the Security Council, to assume control of the activities and breaches and conflicts associated with the field of activity, and work to raise in the forums of the United Nations.

2- the formation of special committees similar to the European Union and the Organization of Islamic States and the Non-Aligned States and the Arab League, to achieve the objectives of the project.

3- to form a special committee on effective follow-up and resolve the ongoing dispute Arab - Israeli adopt political and diplomatic solutions and seek to achieve them in accordance with international resolutions, aimed renounce violence and the adoption of arms and terror from all sides, and to respond to the role of volitional and global resolve the dispute.

4- as well as activating the Committee on the Rights of the Kurdish people and the formation of special committees to deal with the issues of Cyprus, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.


Mandated member parties serious commitment and active support of the project and volitional activities and the activities of various committees, and the positive contribution in everything conducive to resolving disputes involving their countries relying on the project and principles, so this highlights the real parties representing the principles of UN and the essence of socialism and vocabulary legitimacy of the United for Peace and Security.


Contribute effectively in the negotiations and mediation aimed at resolving regional conflicts.


Cooperation and coordination with international organizations on the basis of resolutions of international legitimacy and support for collective efforts for the success of our volitional.


Work to mobilize various circles of world public opinion in other countries, and a gain of Manpower and peoples, parliaments, trade unions, political parties, inviting them to support the project and work to resolve international disputes and condemn the positions of forces opposed to the project and approach and orientations.


Cooperation and coordination with national and international federations, trade unions and orderly women, students, youth and civil society organizations, human rights advocates and others, the aim of achieving a broader mobilization of a mass, under the guidance of the Supreme Committee of the Socialist internationalism, for the success of our resolve regional conflicts and extinguish the hotbeds of tension and wars on cords, And establishing a firm and lasting security.

Dear colleagues, Dear

I do not claim that these proposals for a draft UN, a magical solution to achieve peace and security, but it can be considered the beginning of serious work hard to develop a strong interest alive accomplish this noble humanitarian orientation.

I started with the dangers and orientations, it is true appreciation for the strong nations of socialism, its enormous potential in influential positions in the world would be used effectively and continuously, progress towards overcoming Alassawabt and the dismantling of the contract, which will be eager to mankind, the door of hope and lead them to lay the foundations for resolving possible Conflicts and extinguish the fire.

The historic moment which criss-crossed by UN socialism, which is characterized by a positive new features, requiring the parties and our hard work, perseverance and monolithic ranks for the advancement of our historic Meguid.

Thank you very much. "

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